WIN WIN – “Releaserpm” (Feat. Lizzie Bougatsos) Video

WIN WIN’s the electronic multi-media project of producer/songwriter Alex “XXXchange” Epton (ex-Spankrock), DJ Chris Devlin (Devlin & Darko, Spankrock collaborator), and video artist/producer Ghostdad. Outside of his production work for Spankrock, Epton wrote a song for the Kills and half of Kele’s 2010 solo debut, so it’ll be interesting to see where he goes on this one. Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzie Bougatsos appears on their first single “Releaserpm.” Here’s part of it set to one of Ghostdad’s collages — kind of an ad for the album, but it gives you an idea of the visual sense. You’ll find the full single beneath it.

The whole thing:

Win Win – “Releaserpm”

The “Releaserpm” single is out 1/18 via Vice. Their self-titled full-length is out 2/15 also via Vice. Outside of Bougatsos, other guests include Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and Spankrock’s Naeem.
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