Morrissey Brings “Black Cloud” To Jimmy Fallon

This week Morrissey has been in town to inspire hugs and histrionics from crowds in small rooms with awesome sound (Bowery Ballroom last Saturday), stately rooms with awesome sound (Carnegie Hall this Thursday), and Webster Hall tomorrow night. In the spaces between he’s found time to dip down to Philly for a full-on performance, and last night he and his band of black t-shirted gentlemen found time to visit the Jimmy Fallon show. The choice is Years Of Refusal’s “Black Cloud,” which is just a decent cut from one of Moz’s strongest LPs in years, but live it’s all about the melodramatic looks, and the inspiring richness of that voice. Also there’s a hint of tension between Jimmy and Moz through that weird “Thanks, buddy!”/lack of eye contact/nervous handshake/walk away at song’s end. Or maybe that’s just how Jimmy rolls.

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Years Of Refusal is out 2/17 on Attack/Lost Highway.