Passion Pit Play Rockville, Release New Single

They’re from the wrong coast, but if ever a band were built for Josh Schwartz’s indie-rock web soap Rockville, CA, at least one of them would be Passion Pit. Watch the guys perform between a really weak storyline at It’s Episode 5, “The D-List.” There are live performances of two songs as well as an interview beyond the episode that’s currently live — you’ll have to click on “Performances” and “Extras” for those. You’ll also have to watch a very creepy fish sticks commercial each time. Outside of that, the guys are also set to release their first — yes, first — full-length Manners. The collection’s first single is “The Reeling,” which you can hear after the jump. We have the names of the 10 other tracks and the album art, too.

01 “Make Light”
02 “Little Secrets”
03 “Moths Wings”
04 “The Reeling”
05 “Eyes As Candles”
06 “Swimming In The Flood”
07 “Folds In Your Hands”
08 “To Kingdom Come”
09 “Sleepyhead”
10 “Let Your Love Grow Tall”
11 “Seaweed Song”

Manners is out 5/18 in the UK via Columbia and 5/19 in the US via Frenchkiss. It can be pre-ordered at Insound.