Fleece Out, Man

What happened to the Summer of Love? Back in June, it seemed like we were heading for a summer of non-stop tie-dye tie-ins and Janis Joplin fetishizing frocks. But the hype onslaught we anticipated never quite arrived. Turns out all we had to do was stop pretending to read Rolling Stone, and the thing missed us entirely.

While we’ve stopped minding the mainstream, SoL has cropped up in some truly bizarre places.

For example, this wildly misguided Scottish marketing agency has chosen to commemorate the spirit of free love and nonconformity by inviting visitors to “Tell us why you love marketing.” Oh that we could count the ways!

And then there’s NYC institution and Queer Eye staple ABC Carpet & Home. They’re having a special Summer of Love related sale, and they’re calling it — wait for it — the Summer of Rugs.

Corporate America (and Scotland): you can do better (and by better we mean much, much worse). No summer of tubs? Summer of hubs? Summer of sparkplugs? Not that we’re looking forward to the “Summer of Hummer Sales Event” at our local dealership, but at least give us something to work with here!

Now we’re off to the pharmacy, to pick up one of those “Happy Belated Jerry Day” cards. Turns out we forgot that dude’s day. AGAIN.