Neil Young Gets Comical

Kiss and Courtney Love went toon first, but looks like Neil Young’s bad 2003 concept album/film Greendale’s been made into what we can only image is a bad Neil Young graphic novel. We already knew about Avril Lavigne’s, well, manga, then discovered the first issue of My Chemical Romancer Gerard Way’s comic series The Umbrella Academy arrives in September. And since we knew you’d ask, we dug up the plot synopsis, in the MCR man’s own words. Via MTV:

In short, a [closeted] space alien has adopted seven extraordinary children to save the world. He never tells [them] from what. He’s a really bad father, and he dies of a heart attack, and they are all kind of stuck to figure out the rest.

Closeted space aliens are always a hoot, but why not just adapt The Black Parade? Could be aftershocks of the Simpsons movie, but this rock comic thing has us thinking about what other contemporary concept albums and concept-album makers might end up on the other side of an artist’s pen. There’s Yoshimi, of course, but here are a few more we deemed ripe for the comic treatment:

Mike Watt – Contemplating the Engine Room
Mr. Lif – I, Phantom
Liars – Drum’s Not Dead
MF Doom – MM..Food
Prince Paul – A Prince Among Thieves
T.I. – T.I. vs T.I.P.
Green Day – American Idiot
Dimmu Borgir – In Sorte Diaboli
Smashing Pumpkins – Machina/The Machines of God
Mars Volta – De-loused in the Comatorium
Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero

Truthfully, what we’ve been holding out for the day we see Queensr├┐che’s Operation: Mindcrime come to life. Okay, not really, but if In The Aeroplane Over The Sea counts, we’re all over it.