Select Clips From Virgin Fest 2007

No regrets choosing Lolla over the Virgin Fest: Karen O dressed to impress, My Morning Jacket got orchestral, and Dennis Rodman gave Pearl Jam a lift ? this year’s Lolla had some memorable moments. That said, Virgin Festival wasn’t without action: Baltimore might be all about Dan Deacon in our warped minds — in fact, the hipster Pied Piper joined the bill last minute — but while we were sweating to !!! in Chi-town, Charm City had its fair share of noteworthy moments. We’re kind of surprised by the number of echoes: M.I.A., Spoon, Winehouse, LCD, and Interpol were among the acts appearing at both fests. Double timing’s not very virginal. Not that we’re complaining. Choice vids after the jump…

We unearthed this hulking, collagist 8-minute video with footage of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, and the Pumpkins. It’s almost like we were there! Well, if we blacked out every few seconds.

Here’s some “Message In A Bottle”…

Otherwise, dross and semi-dross:

This Beastie footage is farty, but the kids are bumpin’. Amy Winehouse sounds fine but from this vantage it’s difficult to tell if she’s still shrinking. Matisyahu ? Swedish Mafia?

Yup, slim pickin’s — so if you’ve gots better, post ‘em up.