June 2004 Playlist

Last night we went with Peggy and Will to see Beulah. They were awesome. I grabbed the setlist when the lights came on — I’m such a loser. Eliza got a “Beulah Loves Me” t-shirt. I got one that says “Beulah Saves.” Peggy doesn’t wear concert tees because she is a fashionista.

My new bandwidth plan is much more conducive to MP3s, so here’s what’s rocking my iPod these days…

Blanche – “Who’s To Say”
Blanche’s brand of old-timey folk has found fans in fellow Detroiter Jack White (he plays the guitar solo on this track) as well as Brendan Benson, who produced and contributes vocals. You can buy Blanche’s debut from indie Cass which claims, “This is the record that’s going to bankrupt Cass. Hot-ass digipak, a booklet with full-color printing, a CD that plays on any record player and…oh, the music? Shit, this stuff will melt your heart, kiss your cheek and then leave you for dead. For fans of Hank Williams, hospitals, the Gun Club and melancholia. We’re putting all our eggs in this basket, so start making some omelettes.” You can also download White Stripes’ cover of “Who’s To Say” here.

Rjd2 – “Through The Walls”
Rjd2’s new disc is real proof of DJing as art. Buy Since We Last Spoke and throw your DJ Shadow records out the window. This time around he’s pushing the alt-rap genre forward by embracing classic rock sounds and song structures. “Through The Walls” starts off sounding like the Cars, but then there’s the spooky piano trills, and … a guitar solo! (Fits nicely with Viv’s “Summer of Prog” theory.) It’s really catchy. When I met Nick last weekend he confirmed its awesomeness — and he knows much more about the Def Jux crew than me — so take his word for it. This song isn’t representative of the whole album, which features a lot of mellow synths that give off an ambient soul vibe. But that’s good too. It’s got something for the whole family. In fact, the track I’m listening to now sounds JUST LIKE Spoon! Oh, wait … iTunes switched from Rjd2 to Robbers On Hight Street.

Also: in between songs at the show last night, Miles Beulah started talking shit about Bush and someone in the audience began arguing with him. It was amusing. Rock the vote!

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