New Example Video – “So Many Roads”

Streets protégé Example, aka Elliot Gleave, takes to the streets (well, track) in this video for “So Many Roads.” Floating along with the Carpenters’ “Only Just Begun,” the song has a sweet nostalgia to it, and though the bedheaded, Lily Allen-dissing MC takes time to drop witticism (“my cordon bleu sonnets / you just wishin’ they edible” and a fine “butt crack” crack), he’s also, no matter how tongue in cheek, looking deep with this clip: You can’t run from your past.

Well, to name a few of his afeared things: The cops, teens in school uniforms, folks with forms (lawyers, label owners, judges), a mascot and dominatrix, bikinis, Mothers Against Rappers From Fullham, and our worst nightmare ? a taunting John Wayne Gacy clown. That’s right, Karen, “we start out walking, and learn to run” ? fast. Throughout the video, the race is, ahem, led by Example; like most runs we go on, we’re thinking maybe this is a bit too long, but hey, dude had to finish his laps.

Example’s long-delayed debut What We Made is scheduled for September release on Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem’s The Beats label.

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