New Brazilian Girls (Feat. David Byrne) – “I’m Losing Myself” (English Version)

In his silver fox incarnation, the ever-prolific David Byrne appears never to have met a collaborative opportunity he didn’t like. Just in the last few months he joined creative juices with Dirty Projectors and the grab-bag of Stereogum artist tags that was the N.A.S.A. LP, and here he ties some trademark anxious/excitable talk-singing (and proper crooning) to the English version of Brazilian Girls’ electro-groovy and faintly Heads-indebted “I’m Losing Myself.” The track originally appeared in French on the Girls’ New York City album, this time it’s coming as a stand alone single because, well, it’s got a David Byrne on it.

The “Losing Myself” single is out 3/24 via iTunes.