New Björk Video – “Innocence”

There’s a winner! Yes indeed, Björk’s fan-made video contest has been won by the French duo Fred&Annabelle (their lack of spaces, not ours), whose visually explosive take on Volta’s über percussive “Innocence” beat out almost 500 other entries to be crowned Bjork’s official “Innocence” vid. Why them? According to, “It caught Björk for being close to the music and emotion of the song.” Or, hell, maybe it just scared everyone else away.

Beware the giant baby, stuffed bear (stuffed with fear) and those creepy reptilian crawlies who somehow remind us of the cast from Cats. Interesting dream logic, too: Once the Björk character breaks free of fear, she enters a Phish-brand lava lamp before a brief return to the smiley, aerobicizing lizards and then it’s off to the ol’ Dancer In The Dark factory.

If you have time, find out about the top five runner ups and check out all eleven finalists at the Innocence video page. That’s a lotta innocence.

Tags: Björk