New Underworld – “Crocodile”

Despite what they titled their last record, Underworld’s taken a bit more than A Hundred Days Off: The longstanding English techno duo haven’t released a proper full-length in five years, but we’d be remise not to mention the subtle, drifting Breaking And Entering soundtrack Karl Hyde and Rick Smith tackled with biggie composer Gabriel Yared for Anthony Minghella’s 2006 Jude Law ‘n’ Juliette Binoche entanglement. Heck, there was enough expansiveness in the lovely brain freeze “Counterpoint Hang Pulse” alone to plug a fair share of the five-year gap. (Also noteworthy in the film realm: 10 years before Breaking hit the silver screen, Underworld received their biggest taste of crossing-over via the inclusion of “Born Slippy .NUXX” in Trainspotting. They’ve also scored the forthcoming Danny Boyle flick, Sunshine.) So maybe they never really went anywhere ? but film work aside, the boys are back with their fifth studio album, Oblivion With Bells.

Belying its name, first single “Crocodile” snakes powdery, icy, fluttering synths, crystallized (occasionally wooden) electro-drums, a low, grimy bass blurt, and emotional, at times robotic vocal showers about a special someone who scratches backs rhythmically and migrates beneath skin. Can you say the wedding song of 2007? (via P4K)

Oblivion In Bells is out 10/3 on Different.

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