New Panda Bear Video – “Take Pills”

It’s unclear why there’s a video for Person Pitch’s “Take Pills” popping up now, but since it is Panda Bear, and it was directed by Gang Gang Dance multi-tasker Brian DeGraw, reasons don’t matter so much. Also, DeGraw updates the track itself with some backward-sounding Pitch-shifts, which are vocalized by a woman in mirrored GGD-style mask. This is before we move into a color-barred panda and a live, kaleidoscopic Panda inter-cut with more weighted, specific, and seemingly random imagery than you can swallow in one sitting. If you’ve seen Retina Riddim, you’ll instantly recognize the visual aesthetic. Take pills, indeed.

(Via GvsB)

When not starring in psychedelic videos, Panda Bear is in a band called Animal Collective.

Person Pitch is out via Paw Tracks.