New Chemical Brothers (Feat. Fatlip) Video – “The Salmon Dance”

The Chem Bros’ Electronic Battle Weapon series had us psyched for electro duo’s new LP for months — sorta surprising ’cause we’ve revisited the Chemical archives rarely since throwing away that last pair of yellow sunglasses. But We Are The Night’s carefully constructed beatsmithery hit the spot, first with the bubblegum brained oral hygiene of “Do It Again,” and now with the clip for our true fave from the record, “The Salmon Dance.”

Haven’t actually tried dancing like a salmon floating upstream, but the Neptunes-y “I’m floaaaatin'” caught ears on spin one, sweetly setting off the squiggly verse beat — inspiring repeat listens while Fatlip and Sammy educate on salmon behavior. The clip sees a kid probably tripping face in his bedroom, watching a tank of fish give him a primer in Salmon Dancing 101. “All my peeps spend part of their life in fresh water / And part of their life in salt water.” How are you gonna argue with that?

Keen sense of smell? Swimming to Japan? You’ll never be able to eat ikura sushi without remembering Sammy’s lesson, we know. Instead, go for a yellowtail/jalapeno roll. Ask for it by name.