Grizzly Bear Does “Two Weeks” Live For The First Time With Victoria From Beach House

If Twitter’s good for anything (probably not), it could be the realization that most rock stars live lives primarily built of small moments just as routinely mundane as ours. Except for when they’re tweeting about stuff that makes this list. One e.g. from that spread was Ed from Grizzly Bear’s confession of undying <3 for Beach House, which he and his Grizzly mates took from the tweets to 6th Street in Austin this past Friday: First Department Of Eagles closed their set with a surprise cover of the Dead’s “Fire On The Mountain” with Beach House’s Victoria Legrand onstage as a makeshift Donna Jean Godchaux, and later that same night Grizzly Bear presented the Blackberry Showcase with the live debut of “Two Weeks” as recorded on Veckatimest, with Victoria’s wordless chorus vocal. The latter moment’s here for you.

That comes from Veckatimest, which is a good album. I took that pic from the back of the Cedar Street Courtyard; I was a little closer by the time Dinosaur Jr hit stage.