New Real Estate Video – “Fake Blues” (Live At SXSW)

One of the more enjoyable SXSW day parties was the Woodsist/ToddP collaboration at Ms. Bea’s on Saturday afternoon. It might have been the absurd amount of sunshine or the slight breeze that kept it from ever getting too hot. Or maybe it’s because Woodsist currently houses (and/or associates with) a bunch of really good bands. BTW Real Estate’s breezy, sunny Galaxie 500-on-the-Feelies (on the Jersey Shore) sound and their drummer’s muscle shirt particularly leant itself perfectly to the dusty outdoors. Nice that someone thought to capture the guys closing out their set with “Fake Blues.”

The indoors version:

Real Estate – “Fake Blues” (MP3)

You can keep up to date at their MySpace.

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