New Jesse Malin (Feat. Bruce Springsteen) Video – “Broken Radio”

Former D Generation dude/East Village stalwart/Bar Niagra owner Jesse Malin didn’t have trouble drumming up pre-release press for his third solo LP Glitter In The Gutter; that’s what happens when you enlist guys like Ryan Adams, Josh Homme, and Bruce Springsteen to sit in on the sessions. But for all the hubub and late night talk show appearances, Glitter doesn’t quite shine like Malin intends. Unless the street rocker’s belting it out with the Boss, of course: then, well, Springsteen’s hearty harmonies polish “Broken Radio” into a full functioning transmitter (while he’s singing). This is the “new version” of the song’s vid, differing from the prior by including less shots of the East Village/Tompkins Square Park, and more frames of Jesse at the mic with Bruce. Fair trade.