New Baby Elephant (Feat. David Byrne) – “How Does The Brain Wave?”

Prince Paul may no longer be a Handsome Boy (he and Dan the Automator cited irreconcilable differences), but still he’s talented and charming enough to attract a slew of notables to his new project: Baby Elephant sees Paul team up with P-Funk legend/de facto Talking Head Bernie Worrell and Newkirk, while filling another grab bag of cameo talent approximating the Modeling School days (including David Byrne, George Clinton, Yellowman, Shock G, Nona Hendryx, DJ Roc Raida, Reggie Watts, Gabby La La, etc.). The expectedly quirky and outrageously funked up set of tunes resulting from the Elephant’s sessions parade under the moniker Turn My Teeth Up! (we have no idea what it means, either). The record’s advance (and highly recommended) inquisitorial single “How Does The Brain Wave?” sees Worrell re-team with lead Talk-er David Byrne (unmistakable on the track’s Heads-y hook melody) for a Moogy, falsetto-fied stomp boogie. Part Talking Heads, part Parliament, all repeat-worthy.

Baby Elephant (Feat. David Byrne) – “How Does The Brain Wave?” (MP3)

Bernie’s making the rounds these days; in addition to the Prince Paul collab, Worrell hooked up with Bootsy to score the Superbad soundtrack. But you were gonna go see it anyway. (Bonus Rogan-pack fun: Andy Milonakis is Judd Rapatow.)

Anyway, back to Baby Elephant — according to BabySpace, “TURN MY TEETH UP! is dropping SEPTEMBER 11, 2007 on Godforsaken Music.” And it may just have the album art of the year. Finger trunks!