Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Webster Hall, NYC 8/7/07

With the release of the killer Is Is EP (and its accompanying night vision videos), Yeah Yeah Yeahs are inspiring a lot of folks to discuss the band’s legacy, or how they’re bound to be the most enduring of the turn-of-the-millennium NYC scene (interesting ’cause, as good as Is Is is, these are songs from the unquestionably edgy and inspired pre-Show Your Bones era), or how Karen O is a true rock star. But our favorites are the ones that mistake them for the MisShapes. Well done, Daily News. (via Gawker)

We won’t really go to any of those places (not “legacy,” and definitely not MisShapes) mainly ’cause, well, it’s been said repeatedly (and articulately) — and also ’cause as Lolla proved, obviously we’re suckers for their style. But that doesn’t mean the YYYs’ catalogue-spanning show at Webster Monday night wasn’t a case study in the band’s hipster/critic/casual fan appeal. In fact, it was probably the most fully realized exhibition of the band’s tight-rope walk between unfettered expression and theatrical, patterned tics we’ve seen from ‘em yet. But, worth nothing: Although Nick Zinner’s no stranger to building buckets of noise, there was something about the stormy, delay-drenched static he was summoning — and in particular, in the way Karen was mouthing her mic with spread arms/hunched-then-arched back — that was way too Deerhunter to avoid mentioning. It became the fodder for much post-show 3rd Ave. chatter, and as relatively “new” as the Bradford Cox crew is, and as blasphemous as it may sound to some YYYs diehards to imagine their relative vets taking cues from the young shoegazing Atlanta madmen, remember that Karen’s a big fan (via Impose) and has gone on record saying seeing Deerhunter is “like a religious experience.” MTV said “rock stars are born, not made,” but that don’t mean they can’t learn from each other along the way.

Great show. Setlist and too many pics of Karen bending into awkward positions/fellating her mic after the jump.

01 “Sealings”
02 (New Song)
03 “Honeybear”
04 “Rockers To Swallow”
05 “Phenomena”
06 “Cheated Hearts”
07 “Gold Lion”
08 “Pin”
09″ Kiss Kiss”
10 “Down Boy”
11 “Art Star”
12 “Maps”
13 “Turn Into”
14 “Date With The Night”
15 “Y Control”
16 “Black Tongue”
17 “Our Time”
18 “Tick”