New Hot Hot Heat Video – “Let Me In”

Hot Hot Heat indeed dig focusing their videos on Steve Bays big curls and bigger smile. That knowing grin (and final, pouting dismay) made dramatic sense for our tousled hero in “Middle Of Nowhere“; here, the formula’s a bit confusing: “Let Me In,” the second single from the Victoria quartet’s forthcoming Happiness Ltd., spins the well-worn metaphor about trying to find some way into a gal’s heart/mind (just. let. me. in…). Using that as the jump off, the video finds Bays literally trying to enter a club, navigating ticket lines, guest lists, slapped boyfriends, firemen, kitchen workers, squirrelly cowboy club owners, and cool Hells Angels roadies just to bring you the rock. Kinda makes sense (on the other hand, why bother?), but after finally making it through the obstacle course and delivering the climactic well-lit, slightly slow-motion performance, why does Bays’ go-lucky smiles turn into an out-of-breath frown? Wait, does he realize this slightly catchy, but saccharine tune suggests the ex-synthpunks can’t turn back from the path toward teeny pop? Nah, more likely he misses Dante DeCaro. (By the way, smart move joining Wolf Parade, dude.)

Happiness Ltd. is out 9/11 on Sire.

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