New Black Lips Video – “I’ll Be With You”

This video for resident 200 Million Thousand prom theme “I’ll Be With You” is more successful than Black Lips’ recent stint as GZA’s backing band. Instead of sticking with the retro animation feel they gave “Short Fuse,” the heart-tugger’s given a retro home movie treatment, the guys hanging out at home with their Charles Manson records and good friends for various holidays (including a John Wayne Gacy birthday party). Luckily, nobody gets or gives a dick in a box.

Black Lip Jared Swilley explained the video to Subterranean:

“I’ll Be With You” is a pretty sappy, but heartfelt song about a dear friend. I wanted the video to reflect the feeling and mood of the song as I feel it. I wanted to kind of recreate old home movies I’ve seen of my family in the 60’s, but make it a little more subversive and somewhat sinister. With playboy’s laying around, and some satanic elements, and Charlie Manson. But still semi-innocent and silly and happy. It was alot of fun to make it. I got my roommate to dress as a clown, and we got to throw cake all over my friends kitchen, making her scream like a maniac, while we laughed like maniacs.

200 Million Thousand is out via Die Slaughterhaus/Vice Music.

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