Patton Oswalt Talks Hot Chip, TV On The Radio, And TV

Funny man/animated rat Patton Oswalt is the most recent person to submit his picks and pans for P4K’s Guest List and — surprise! — it’s a great read. In addition to showing love for TVOTR’s “Wolf Like Me” as his favorite song of the moment (he also told SPIN recently that he’d love to open for the band — “I’d probably get booed off stage, but at least I’d get to see TV On The Radio”), Oswalt talks up his “Favorite New Band”:

Hot Chip, Coachella Festival
There’s something about them– they all look like middle school music teachers, and they’re so happy about what they’re doing. It’s almost like by having no banter or stage presence it makes you fall in love with them that much harder. Their show is so fun. It’s not so much that it’s visually exciting, but you’re genuinely watching a bunch of pasty geeks having the time of their lives. It’s almost like guys at a science fair, like, “We actually found a way to make a cold fusion bomb, we gotta show this to you!” And even though you don’t know anything about it you get really excited. That’s the best live show I’ve seen in a while. They were performing on the stage next to us so we kind of walked over there. I was watching Roky Erickson and then my wife was like, “I want to go see this band Hot Chip,” and the crew was like, “You gotta go see these guys.”

After the jump, Patton admits he played the fest for indie cred, but got more than he bargained for! In a good way!

Best Thing I Did This Year
You know, I’ve got to say the best thing I’ve done this year — it just blew me away how nice everyone was — was performing at Coachella. Because I thought it was going to be a nightmare. Like it did it because I thought, “Oh, I’ll get some indie cred,” but goddamn, it was so much fun and the audience was so nice; it was just great, so that was the best thing I’ve done so far this year.

Other stuff Patton’s giddy about includes Jody Hill’s The Foot Fist Way, a low-budget flick that’s “basically like the British show The Office if it were set in the South and about a Tai Kwan Do instructor,” and an interesting reevaluation of Friday Night Lights (saying “when that show came out I was like, “Football in Texas? Pass!” and then offering “it’s not about, ‘Hey, America is great,’ and waving the flag and playing a Toby Keith song; it’s about, ‘Please tell us we we’re not the ones who did Abu Ghraib. Please tell us that, because we really want to believe in our country but things are testing our belief all the time.’ I can’t stress to you how good that show is.”)

He caps it with “Sorry about that, I get really evangelical about shit that I love.” Nobody’s complaining, Patton. Here’s some shit that we love: A bit that Patton does on his buy-this-now Sub Pop comedy album Werewolves And Lollipops, about cleaning up his dirty talk for TV. Warning: The language is only safe for work if you have headphones.