Boss For Lashes

No secret that we’ve got love for Brighton-based chanteuse Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes) and Jersey boy Bruce Springsteen (aka The Boss), so her cover of “I’m On Fire” is doubly special. (We won’t bother doing the math.) Khan’s remake — pretty standard for Lashes live sets — lowers the original’s boiling point via chilly, sheet-soaking pins of violin, piano, and Khan’s big voice and Theremin-y backing swirls. The beautiful Bat woman seems the upstanding type and so we do believe it when she says she’s on fire, that her desire needs cooling. We’re suckers like that. It’s an ideal fit for Khan’s strengths, really, and such an inventive reworking of an overly familiar tune this late in the song’s life is admirable. Have a listen at Hype Machine.


Now if we can somehow get in touch with Springsteen and suggest he choose his familiars more carefully.