Ariel Pink Joins The Circus, Berates Bushwick On New Year’s Eve

Modeled after the Rolling Stones’ 1968 happening of the same name, the Rock & Roll Circus takes place tonight (1/3) and tomorrow (1/4) at Lincoln Center. The event, produced under the umbrella of the Big Apple Circus, includes performances from Ariel Pink, Amazing Baby, Japanther, Nick Zinner, etc., along with food trucks and for tomorrow, some full-on circus acts (e.g. “How can we integrate the Mongolian contortionists with Nick Zinner’s group?“). If you have energy left after the holidays, get ticket info at And, speaking of circuses and Ariel Pink, the man behind Pitchfork’s favorite track of 2010 reportedly turned in a depressing, night killing solo performance at the Inverted Cosmos New Years party, although since the event itself is being tagged “the worst NYE event ever” (aka THANKS FOR A HORRIBLE NEW YEAR, etc.), it might’ve already been broken when Pink reportedly decided folks weren’t paying attention and went into anti-hipster rant mode. Anybody in attendance care to share?

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