Kanye West’s Graduation Cover (For Real)

A few weeks ago, everybody with a .com jumped the gun in posting a heavily copyrighted image, assuming it was the album art for for Kanye’s forthcoming Graduation. (Including us, of course.) But now we’ve got the real cover design (unless ‘Ye’s just playing), with just as much bruin and just as much information regarding intellectual property protection emblazoned upon it.

Amazon and the more-reliable iTunes confirm its authenticity, and Vulture confirms the prior iteration as promo art. So we see the cuddly Kanye bear being making his way/being projected out of that great university in the purple ‘n’ mauve heavens. He lost his fashionable venetian shades somewhere along the way, but he needn’t worry — Kanye doesn’t leave home without a spare pair. Vulture sees Mr. West’s enlisting Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as a reflection of his “recent stylistic infatuation with contemporary Japanese art and anime.” But we have no idea what they’re talking about.