The Twilight Singers – “On The Corner”

Blackbird And The Fox,” the first single from the Twilight Singers’s fifth album Dynamite Steps, featured Greg Dulli and Ani DiFranco in a slow-burn duet. Dulli goes it alone vocally on “On The Corner”: After the cheap drum machine ducks out things open up considerably, so feel free to continue with the fire metaphors.

The Twilight Singers – “On The Corner”

I like the press-release drama (an excerpt):

The next track, “On the Corner,” could be an antihero rave-up off the Whigs’ revered 1996 opus Black Love, and proves one of Dulli’s best full-on rockers. With its blaxploitation wah-wah solos from Twilight Singers mainstay guitarist Dave Rosser, catchy “ooh-oohs,” and relentless “I Wanna Be Your Dog” piano line — all driven by a thundering rhythm section, bassist Scott Ford and guest drummer Gene Trautmann (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal) — “On the Corner” captures Dulli in his prime, regardless of what era it was made in. “Spread your legs/Insert your alibi” he sings here, a line that captures his timeless essence: a turn of phrase both clever and vulgar, its truth hitting home all too painfully.

Dynamite Steps:

01 “Last Night In Town”
02 “Be Invited”
03 “Waves”
04 “Get Lucky”
05 “On The Corner”
06 “Gunshots”
07 “She Was Stolen”
08 “Blackbird And The Fox”
09 “Never Seen No Devil”
10 “The Beginning Of The End”
11 “Dynamite Steps”

Dynamite Steps is out 2/15 via Sub Pop.