Another Comp For The Indie Kids, And A Reminder Of How Broken Social Scene Can Be Unsafe For Children

As if Kidz Bop, Pastor Of Muppets, and those half a dozen indie Jr. comps from All Together Now to Play weren’t enough, the third volume of For The Kids hits the shelves in a couple months.

Some assumed (because we haven’t heard it) highlights include exclusives from the likes of Rogue Wave, Moby, and Of Montreal, “New Shoes” by those plastic knife-wielding child educators Blitzen Trapper, some teamwork by Rosie “faux Sufjan baby momma” Thomas and Damien Jurado, and “The Other Day I Met A Bear” from those crazy dudes in Barenaked Ladies (not Besnard Lakes; we read it three times to be sures). Sounds like an either really bad or really good experience in a chat room, eh? But actually, speaking of bear-naked … do you really want Kevin Barnes’ little one around the little ones? The OM song’s called “I Want To Have Fun.” Careful, kiddies.

The official tracklist, warts ‘n’ all, after the jump along with a very special version of “Puff The Magic Dragon” by Broken Social Scene that never made it onto someone else’s kiddie comp.

Remember BSS’s downcast, slow-core take on Puff and Jackie’s broken social scene for Paper Bags’ 2006 See You On The Moon? Last year we exclusively premiered the unedited, ultra epic version that was rejected for inclusion on the album. Seems the compilers got antsy about the Candadian collective’s spoken-word ending, so the final two minutes and fifty seconds were hacked from the finale. We love Kevin, Leslie, Amy, and the rest of those shaggy Torontonians, but damn ? it is a tad freaky (think of the children!):

“You stopped visiting me, Jackie!”
“I grew up … I got into girls….”

In light of this new version we hate to use the words “extended” and “Puff The Magic Dragon” in the same sentence, but here we are, Puff and Jackie together again . All right!

Broken Social Scene – “Puff The Magic Dragon (Rejected Original Version)” (MP3)

Without further ado, the For the Kids III tracklist:

01 Of Montreal – “I Want To Have Fun”
02 Great Lake Swimmers – “See You On The Moon”
03 Over the Rhine – “The Poopsmith Song”
04 Rogue Wave – “My Little Bird”
05 O.A.R. – “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
06 Barenaked Ladies – “The Other Day I Met A Bear”
07 Dar Williams – “The Babysitter Song”
08 The Sippy Cups – “I’m A Believer”
09 Anathallo – “If You’re Happy And You Know It”
10 The Format – “Does Your Cat Have A Mustache”
11 Moby – “Very Long”
12 The Submarines – “My Darling Clementine”
13 Kyle Andrews – “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round”
14 Blitzen Trapper – “New Shoes”
15 Piano – “Sunny”
16 Mates of State – “Jellyman Kelly”
17 Hem – “No Hiding”
18 MC Lars – “The Lint Song”
19 Jolie Holland – “Pure Imagination”
20 Rosie Thomas and Damien Jurado – “As Small As Me”

For The Kids III is out 10/2 on Nettwerk.