75% Reunited Soundgarden + Tad Doyle = TADGarden

Which makes sense since the man that’s missing is the one at 25% his former glory (generous!). This went down last night at the Seattle stop of Tom Morello’s Justice Tour, which in the midst of evoking anger and justice for the price of a concert ticket, last night featuring Mudhoney’s Mark Arm, Steve Earle, MC5’s Wayne Kramer, and of course, this post’s title. Tickets were only $15, which Tom reminds the crowd just after he was joined by TAD’s Tad Doyle and OG Soundgarden crew Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron, and a sweetly shorn Kim Thayil on “Nothing To Say,” “Spoonman,” and “Hunted Down.” Obviously Tad didn’t try to replicate Cornell’s god-like vocals, instead plowing through the part where the words would be with shredded screeches and singed screams. And you know, taking that sort of sledgehammer to the tune and mutilating/mutating it vocally seems poetic in light of Cornell’s sad metamorphosis. Watching how shitkickingly, precisely sludgy the band still sounds will make you sigh a little louder about the prospects for a vital reunion, but enough of that: Call it TADGarden, or TADioslavegarden, or whatever, but here is 3/4 of Soundgarden with Tom Morello and Tad Doyle making you wish you were at the Crocodile Cafe last night:

“Hunted Down”

“Nothing To Say”


“It’s like I won some sort of contest or something.” Ha. That pic is by Laura Musselman for Seattle Weekly, who have another 12 to check. Who’s in the mood for salad?


“Kick Out The Jams” with Wayne Kramer & Mark Arm