Amy Winehouse Needs A New Job

They tried to make her go to rehab, and she … well, she didn’t really say anything this time. The Mirror has a report on Amy’s recent treatment center check-in, stating she arrived yesterday at the Priory rehab center in London with an entourage of six people, and that she “looked in a terrible state, she could barely walk.” The record company’s saying “severe exhaustion,” but friends and fam are crying “cover up”– blaming too much substance abuse, and even too much work! Amy, please unwind the beehive and take a load off. You don’t need to tour. Let the “Rehab” royalties roll in for a spell.

We hear that, as part of the Priory’s treatment for exhaustion due to excessive work schedules, she’ll be given a new job in a different line of work for a bit. It’s confidential, but we know a guy who know’s a guy. Amy’s next job…

…is to start working shifts as a GAP girl.

You heard it here first. But we hear they’re open to other suggestions.