Beastie Boys Finally Play Brooklyn

Yup, it’s hard to believe it, but last night’s show at McCarren Pool was the Beasties’ first ever in Brooklyn. Guess they slept well! (rimshot) How’d the proud New Yorkers manage to evade a borough they’ve been referencing in their rhymes for more than two decades? As Brooklyn-born MCA told NME, “The clubs didn’t really have hip-hop functions in Brooklyn back then, probably because they would end badly.” We weren’t mixing it up at the pool function yesterday, but we do know it ended well, and fittingly, with “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.”

New York Press was there, calling it “the most unforgettable concert of the year”…

They proved they could still sling rhymes on such classics as ?Pass the Mic,? ?Intergalactic,? ?Ch-Check It Out,? and ?So What?cha Want.? But more impressive was when the trio picked up their instruments and showed their range as musicians from the early hardcore of ?Egg Raid on Mojo? to the new instrumentals to the chilled out funk of ?Lighten Up.? All of the many styles that the Beastie Boys have generated over the last few decades were present, and mixed fluidly with each other. The crowd danced along and sang every word, and when the Beasties asked for participation, they did just that, all while the hip hop legends performed with as much energy as when they were in their early 20?s.

But don’t take the Press’s word for it; check this eight-minute YouTube of last night’s pool party.

Sounds good, but wow are those Blues Brothers suits starting to get annoying. Anybody actually make it out? Was it really the most unforgettable of the year, or should we assume NY Press was high on newspaper fumes? Hit us with some pics.

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