Lily Allen’s Chicken Soup For The Throat

This morning at 6:44 a.m., under the headline “I’m Sick , Gigs Cancelled,” our favorite singing blogger Lily Allen posted this note at her MySpace (typos hers):

I’ve have literally been around the whole world in two weeks from London to Japan around Australia and then to LA and Vegas then back to LA for a 17 hour video shoot , and now I’m back in London eating my mums chicken soup cause im afraid the travelling has caught up with me . I’ve got sinusitis and strep throat (i don’t even know what that is ) and have been advised to take a couple of weeks off by a doctor in LA and a doctor here. Before anyone starts trying to accuse me of neglecting my fans I want to apologise and say how sorry I am, but I cant risk causing any permanent damage. I hope people can understand and arent too angry.

Don’t believe her? Well we’ve got her doctor’s note after the jump which, curiously, spells her name wrong…

“Lilly”? Scandal! No, no, we believe her. And all this the day her possible British television show’s announced. Yup, she recently had some “top-secret meetings” with the BBC honchos, who checked out her MySpace and believe “she’s just the kind of articulate young person the channel needs.” The Sun offers some insight on the show:

Among the ideas on the table were a documentary series about weight issues for teens. Lily is outspoken about the pressure that teenagers come under, and recently told how she was left in tears while on tour in America because she felt too fat. She wrote on her MySpace site that she was even looking into liposuction.

Ah, the possibility of Lily TV is sweet balm for those canceled European festival appearances, which, by the by, are as follows:

08/10 – Oslo, Norway @ Øya Festival
08/11 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Way Out West Festival
08/15 – Sagres, Portugal @ Surf Festival
08/17 – Biddinghuizen, Holland @ Lowlands Festival

She thinks she’ll be ready for England’s V Festival on the 18th and 19th, though … keep eating mum’s chicken soup, Lily, and maybe you should look up the definition of “strep throat” while you have some time on your hands.

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