Foo Fighters Video Sucks

The Foo Fighters just launched a contest to find directors for their album. Usually these contests involve sending in your fan-made video, having the band judge it, and then getting a camera or a Red Lobster gift certificate as your prize. But for this contest — called “This Video Sucks” — the band is asking fans to submit their reels of previous work. I think this means the winners will get a small budget and work with the band on the concept and shooting. There’s no mention of pay beyond exposure (the videos will premiere on Fuse), but I’m sure that’s all Michel Gondry got when he directed their video for “Everlong.” Says Dave Grohl: “I had this idea that instead of going and spending a ton of money on one video made by a director who’s done it a trillion times, why not split up the cash and give it to the fans and let the fans make 11 different videos for the band? So that, instead of just making one video as the album comes out, we have 11 different videos for the 11 songs on the record.”

The band shot some funny contest promos, which you can watch below:

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