New Babyshambles – “Delivery”

Easy to forget that Pete Doherty actually makes music between stints in rehab and fights with Kate Moss, so we thought it’d be nice to check in with his post-Libs pop/punk outfit Babyshambles, seeing as LP#2 Shotter’s Nation is slated for an October UK release and all. Excitable BBC DJ Zane Lowe premiered the first single “Delivery” on his show earlier this week, and much as we don’t want to admit it (apathy to Doherty’s descent would be a lot easier had he lost his early years’ wit and talent) … it’s surprisingly not bad.

Just props to the Kinks through the verses, a decent garage-pop melody to the hook and “whoo-aayy-oooh” reprise, out in 2:30. And some revealing poetry: “Here comes the delivery / straight from the heart of my misery,” later becoming “This song might deliver me / from the harshness and misery.” Probably not Pete, but it will deliver relief to Parlophone after that long term Babyshambles signing. Listen at Hypem.

In related news, Pete’s getting his Kate Moss tattoo removed. We’re keeping our “Winona Forever” tat, though. Shotter’s Nation is out 10/1 in the UK via Parlophone.