New Kleerup (Feat. Titiyo) Video – “Longing For Lullabies”

I spent a lot of time with (and went on and on about) Andreas Kleerup’s surname titled LP last year. The Swedish superproducer’s worked studio magic for Robyn (“With Every Heartbeat”) and others, and the LP worked as a sort of megamix of past triumphs (aforementioned Robyn track) and previously unreleased collab tracks, including “Until We Bleed” with Lykke Li and this one with Titiyo (aka Eagle Eye and Neneh Cherry’s sister). “Longing For Lullabies” already had a bare-boned video featuring lots of closeups on Kleerup and Titiyo under club lights, but the single’s getting an official release and hence a glossier treatment with full narrative arc. We find Andreas sulking through trivial tasks with his blonde ladyfriend at his back, moving through the city pensively, before finally running into a new beauty to fall in love with. The twist…

(via Pop Justice)

…the blonde ladyfriend IS HIS DEAD EX. And she just wants him to be happy. It’s small scale Sixth Sense shit with a cute ending. There are better songs on this LP (“Hero,” “Thank You For Nothing,” “Chords”) but the vid’s an excuse to remind you to dig it up.

Here’s the original video:

This is a cello version of the Lykke track, which negates Kleerup’s awesome studio assists but is still a pretty song to take with you:

Kleerup (Feat. Lykke Li) – “Until We Bleed (Mikael’s Cello Version)”

Kleerup is out via EMI. Worth it.

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