Guess Who’s Stealing @CourtneyLoveUK’s Money Now

Before it was identity stealers and Ryan Adams, who she accused of stealing $858,000 from Francis Bean Cobain’s trust fund in 2008. In 2009 Love accused designer Dawn Simorangkir of taking $40,000 from her. And she said many other terrible things, accusing Simmorangkir of being a prostitute and drug-dealer, and of losing custody of her own child. Love lost custody of Francis Bean in 2009, and was ordered to stay away from her daughter. Simorangkir’s now suing Love for defamation over her stream of Twitter rants against her on Twitter. The designer says Love ruined her reputation and thus, her career as a fashion designer. The Hollywood Reporter says it’s one of the first defamation cases over a celebrity’s social media output. But surely this paves the way for Kanye West to sue himself for defamation over Twitter in 2011.

Love closed the offending Twitter account, but reopened a new one at @courtneyloveuk, where she’s (wisely) only Tweeting fashion and tour photos of herself like the one above.