New Against Me! Video – “Thrash Unreal”

The political folk-punk turned quasi-political mainstream pop-punkers have been getting shit from diehards for singing to a major label, but it’s 2007, kids, and we see no reason to stop listening to New Wave in all its silly, catchy glory. They may not change the world (“White People For Peace” was a fun enough way to try), but they will play great shows and write hooks that lodge themselves in our heads awhile. Case in point, “Thrash Unreal”‘s trite storyline made us think of Poison’s “Mamma’s Fallen Angel” for the first time in years, but how can you deny the chorus or this, uhhh, ridiculous wine-soaked video?

Love the drummer’s nonstop smiles and the general band interaction … but who’s responsible for casting that girl as the “tortured outsider”?