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Electric Wizard – “Turn Off Your Mind”

Electric Wizard’s Black Masses landed at No. 27 on my Top 50 Metal Albums Of 2010. It’s the longtime Sabbath, Satan, and Lovecraft-nodding dark psychedelic UK doom quartet’s seventh album, the followup to 2007’s Witchcult Today. Frontman Jus Oborn’s the sole remaining member from the original ’93 lineup, but his fingers are on everything, so the band never misses a beat, regardless of who’s doing what. (Actually, Black Masses features the studio debut of new face-tattooed bassist Tas Danazoglou … which might account for the especially raw, hungry sound.) As on the last one, the collection was produced in analog by Liam Watson. And, as in the past, the feedback will blow out your speakers while everything else hypnotizes. Get a taste of those amplifiers and riffs via “Turn Off Your Mind”s multi-layered stoner swirl.

Electric Wizard – “Turn Off Your Mind”

Black Masses:

01 “Black Mass”
02 “Venus in Furs”
03 “Night Child”
04 “Patterns of Evil”
05 “Satyr IX”
06 “Turn Off Your Mind”
07 “Scorpio Curse”
08 “Crypt of Drugula”

Black Masses will be out in North America on 1/18 via Rise Above. It was released in the UK in November. Oborn had this to say about it: “This ritual incantation of heavy metal sorcery will break down your psyche as wave upon crushing wave of lead weight acid-laced Doom leaves you numb and broken before our unholy altar … Violent, bleak and ritualistic, we bow to the black altar of the RIFF. We do not rock, we kill!” You especially get this sense when the riffs disappear, making way for the stormy atmospherics of the closing nine-minute dirge, “Crypt of Drugula.” You may remember Drugula from Witchcult’s “Satanic Rites Of…,” etc. Speaking of which, don’t forget EW labelmates, Ghost.

Electric Wizard Promo 2010

[Photo by Ester Segarra]