50 Cent Stakes His Career On Outselling Kanye

To recap: Kanye West and 50 Cent both have albums out on the second Tuesday of September, poking both rappers’ insecurity button. Hijinx ensue. The host of BET’s 106 & Park proposed a presidential-style debate on 9/11 between Curtis and Kanye to determine who had the better album. Fifty accepted, Kanye called it the “stupidest thing ever.” Score one for Kanye (he makes a good point), and one for Mr. Cent (Kanye said “stupidest thing ever”). But Curtis is still chasing ‘Ye around the playground, recently upping the ante. Via SOHH:

Put it like this. Let’s raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums.

A bold statement which may, in and of itself, ensure a landslide sales day for Graduation. Meanwhile, it seems Nike’s trying to capitalize on Graduation day buzz, with folks claiming the bruin on the album cover’s wearing a pair of fly McFly 2015s. Except, it doesn’t quite appear to be a pair of Back To The Future II issue Nikes on the bear’s paws to us. Forensic evidence for your analysis after the jump.

The cover…

Hello? McFly??

No swoosh, no dice.