New James Blunt Video – “1973”

Hot on the heels of unveiling some tastefully egomaniacal album art, James Blunt unveils an I’m-sensitive-and-walking-in-slow-mo new video. And if if James has transported back to 1973, as this clip implies, does that mean WE NEVER HAVE TO HEAR HIM AGAIN? Won’t be that lucky, afraid. If folks want nostalgic singer/songwriter stuff, take Josh Rouse’s “1972.” Or Robyn Hitchcock’s “1974.” But definitely don’t take this.

Wonder if we can pick a great song titled after every year from the past 25 years? Smashing Pumpkins “1979” is a good place to start, and we can add Luna’s “1995.” And, uhh, if we open it up to the past 116 years we can throw in Midlake’s “1891”! Let’s call it Reelin’ In The Years. Your turn.

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