New Rob Crow – “Forced Letter” (And “Up” Video)

Rob Crow’s having the sorta release year that that’d make Ryan Adams proud: once again joining forces with his former band Other Men to release a new record; delivering the new Pinback album Autumn Of The Seraphs; and unleashing his killer, third solo disc Living Well back in January. We posted the awesome “Up” back then, and just to clutter his calendar (Autumn is out this autumn), Rob’s decided this would be the best time to release it as a single, along with repeat-worthy b-side “Forced Letter,” which we’ve got for ya after the jump, along with the new video for “Up.” AND ’cause everybody needs to eat more Crow, an MP3 from each of his releases this year. Bon appétit.

[Pic from Rob’s set at SXSW ’07]

Rob Crow – “Forced Letter”

Throughout the vid for “Up,” the screen’s split into thirds and we get three Robs singing along: Left and Right Rob appear interchangeably, showing Crow as a sensitive family man (singing along with his son), then lost in thought in the back of a car/looking out a mass transport window at night. Center Rob is the comically creepy karaoke dude, occasionally singing and dancing in the street, generally being weird. Unsurprisingly, Center Rob’s the biggest (this is the same man that named bands Goblin Cock and Snotnose and the Ladies). But it all ends with Family Guy taking over the center pane, Rob and son sticking their tongues out at the finalé. He may be a bit scattered, but they’re all one and the same Rob after all.

Rob’s year in MP3s…

Rob Crow – “Up” (MP3)
Other Men – “Other People” (MP3)
Pinback – “From Nothing To Nowhere” (MP3)