New Handsome Furs Video – “Cannot Get Started”

Dan Boeckner last crossed our blogpost entry template with his song-making turns on the standout tracks from the Mohawk Lodge’s Wildfires, though his Handsome Furs project (with fiancée Alexei Perry) has received ample love before then. Plague Park’s second video goes for a storyline, like the first, except Dan and Alexei aren’t the focal point; “Dumb Animals” had the couple star as “dinner-party-guests-cum-freak-voyeur-and-bicep-pumper prey,” but this time they’re just our performing artists, sorta like a Marty & Elayne if the Dresden was a sepia-lit coffee shop called 2007. The pair that does the “nervous walking”/can’t get it (i.e. a pickup truck) started are two perfectly creepy actors, replete with pencil thin facial hair, wearing chunky sunglasses at night. But they love each other, and we’re suckers for romance.