Sunset Rubdown Dragonslayer Album Art, News

Swan Lake’s Enemy Mine is a newborn, and it was just a little under a year ago that Wolf Parade birthed At Mount Zoomer, but since Spencer Krug sightings usually come in threes (trust me blindly on this), you had to expect a new Sunset Rubdown album: Like clockwork, the third full-band Sunset Rubdown collection Dragonslayer is out in June. On it, Krug’s rejoined by Jordan Robson-Cramer (drums, guitar and keys), Michael Doerksen (guitar and bass), and Camilla Wynne Ingr (keys, percussion and vocals). There’s also a new guy, bassist and occasional drummer Mark Nicol. We haven’t actually heard any of the music, but we do have the album art and track list. Speaking of which: People were getting excited about Jagjaguwar labelmates Dinosaur Jr.’s Farm artwork, and while this isn’t as excellent, Dragonslayer is also pretty epic. As something with a name like that ought to had better be.

The Dragonslayers:

01 “Silver Moons”
02 “Idiot Heart”
03 “Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!”
04 “Black Swan”
05 “Paper Lace”
06 “You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)”
07 “Nightingale / December Song”
08 “Dragon’s Lair”

Dragonslayer is out 6/23 via Jagjaguwar. There’s also going to be a picture disc 7″ called Introducing Moonface that’ll include “Coming To The Dawn” and “Insane Love Is Awakening.” It’s out in early April via Aagoo. The vinyl will look like this:

As far as touring, check back for US dates soon, after the band returns from Europe.