Bowery Presents Presents: The Terminal, A New Way For Midtown Hipsters To Save On Cab Fare

Since 2004, NYC music venue affiliate Bowery Presents has slowly but surely spreading its wings beyond the EV/LES, snapping up sound rooms of various capacities/locations to better serve their indie-oriented ends. First came Webster Hall with its questionable acoustics and the bonus treat of rock shows running simultaneously with the Awesome ’80s prom (making for a Flickr-worthy sidewalk scene and memorable soundbleed issues), and this fall sees two more destinations for LES-averse indie-philes: Music Hall Of Williamsburg, located where once there stood Northsix (on N. 6th off of Bedford in Brooklyn), and now the newly announced Terminal 5, situated at 610 W. 56th St. between 11th and 12th Ave., heralded as the “Largest Midtown Venue To Open In More Than A Decade.” Image of the locale (via Google Street Maps, natch) and initial lineup below.

As per Google’s request, please note this address is approximate (but it does look like a gutted building with a clean edifice, so we’re thinking this is what it is). Why resort to Google Street Maps? Easy — haven’t been above 42nd St. in going on three years. But we imagine this is music to midtowners’ (or uptowners’) ears; three levels, a bar on each, 40 ft. ceilings, 40,000 sq. ft. area, capacity of up to 3,000 folks. With Mercury capacity at around 200, Bowery Ballroom at 600, and Webster clocking in at around 1,400, it also means a bigger place for bands du jour to play in Manhattan while under the Bowery Presents thumb. Here’s your initial Terminal 5 show schedule:

10/11 – The National
10/19 – M.I.A.
10/20 – Justice
10/23 – The Shins (w/ Vetiver)
10/24 – The Shins (w/ Vetiver)
11/23 – State Radio (w/ The Beautiful Girls)
11/30 – Ween
12/01 – Ween

All shows go on sale 8/17, except the Shins which are up for grabs the next day. We probably won’t make it anytime soon (though Justice with 3,000 kids could be fun), so if you go, take pictures! As long as they allow cameras.