Sufjan Stevens Documentary Gets New Trailer, But No Release Planned

Kaleo La Belle’s 52-minute 2006 documentary Crooked River focuses on Sufjan Stevens and his brother Marzuki and their first visit to their father in Michigan in a number of years. It hasn’t been released, and apparently there’s no release date because it may never be released, but here’s the new trailer anyway. At the very least, it offers a theory re: Sufjan’s use of blippy computer game sounds in his recent recordings. “I never die,” etc:

(Via CoS)

There’s a Facebook page if you want to visit it. The official writeup:

In this emotionally gripping road movie, documentary filmmaker Kaleo La Belle accompanies his childhood friends Marzuki and Sufjan Stevens on a journey back to their home state of Michigan, revisiting blighted landscapes, distant family members and old wounds that never really heal.

In a strange sort of circularity, Stevens soundtracked Beyond This Place, a more recent documentary La Bell did about his own reunion with his father after 30 years. It’s currently playing festivals.