Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock To Help You Realize That Dream Of Getting Next To Bret Michaels

Didn’t make the cut for Rock Of Love? Instead of getting sad about missing your chance to flash your fake boobs for Bret, how about about getting psyched to air guitar next to a pixilated version of him? Now we’re talkin’. Trust the folks over at Activision to push the definition of “legend” with the forthcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock. Via USA Today:

An animated Michaels sings on the Poison track “Talk Dirty To Me” and “Go That Far” from the Bret Michaels Band.

And it don’t stop! Now you can be Axel Steel and face off in a guitar solo duel against Slash (as long as you complete all the song levels in the game, so get those fake freboard fingers in shape). Slash even completed a special recording just for you, the prospective Guitar Hero purchaser. Still waiting on that Mr. Hudson autobio, but this is a much more productive Slash-related tool for procrastination. Right? Check the Saul-ful Guitar Hero III artwork after the jump.

Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock is out on 10/29.