Girl Talk Talks Tay Zonday

All it takes these days is telling a newscaster that you like turtles, and a few clicks later, your internet ubiquity has been cemented: Welcome to your 15 megabytes of fame! And just maybe, once you cross the 5 million view mark on YouTube, you’ll get to open for the reigning pied piper and court jester of indiedom. Such is the situation Tay “Chocolate Rain” Zonday finds himself in, being called upon by the harddrive ‘n’ Shuffle loving duo of Girl Talk and Dan Deacon to open their show in Minneapolis on 10/5 at First Ave. We aren’t much for the interviews, but seeing as we’re at the very least complicit in this Zonday nonsense, we had to talk to the Talk to get some scoop, and Gregg was good enough to give us some insight on how this thing came together.

“I honestly don’t know anything about this guy,” Gregg started. Whaa?! Gotta admit, we’re a little envious. But it’s not that Girl Talk’s never heard the baritone’s bellowing before. He went on:

I’m still kind of lost on the insanity over that song. My booking agent asked me if I would like to have him on the bill … I wasn?t sure of the whole thing, but I was told that Dan Deacon, who is also playing the show, was into it, so I figured why the hell not.

Well Gregg, as always, the internet thanks you. The Daily Swarm’s billing the night at First Ave as an “epic” double header, and they’re not far off: Of Montreal early show, Tay Zonday/Girl Talk/Dan Deacon late. Should be interesting, and Tay’s bound to go over better than he did with the live studio audience over at Kimmel; at least the First Ave. kids will have some sense of irony.

But it does sound like Gregg could use some help: Whaddaya think Girl Talk should mash with “Chocolate Rain”? ‘Cause you know it’s gonna happen. (If you need help brainstorming, YouTube has about 10,000 suggestions). Just don’t say Radiohead — it’s been done. Post in the comments, we’ll be sure to pass ‘em along to the Talk.

BONUS FUN: Say the post headline 10 times fast.