New Blitzen Trapper – “New Shoes” & “Sci-Fi Kid (Recordist Remix)”

Although we’re holding off on giving any album with an Of Montreal song called “I Just Wanna Have Fun” a G-rating, the rest of the For The Kids Vol. III comp that made headlines last week seems more than kid-friendly, and with a few exceptions (O.A.R.?), ready for discerning children and parents to enjoy together. And now after spending a few spins with the first sounds from the collection to bubble up — Blitzen Trapper’s “New Shoes” — we give the comp a hearty thumbs up for your next family listening session. “Do your new shoes still kinda hurt when you walk / ’cause you break ‘em in, you gotta walk through the park” is a recap of the weighty subject matter, the Blitzen boys rattling off types of footwear (sure to tickle your toddler’s funnybone) while sounding like a hipped-out kids show theme song. After a listen, you’ll want BT to babysit (and hang out with you afterwards).

As bonus goodness, we have yet another of the cavalcade of “Sci-Fi Kid” remixes for your enjoyment. Last time it was Principal Participant’s glowstick-ready makeover, and this time it’s the Recordist (aka the Faint’s Clark Baechle — so you know the scuzzy dance treatment that awaits). That one’s most definitely not for your children, but you oughta love it. Grab ‘em both after the jump.

Blitzen Trapper – “New Shoes” (MP3)
Blitzen Trapper – “Sci-Fi Kid (Recordist Remix)” (MP3)

Enjoy, kiddies.

For The Kids Three is out 10/2 on Nettwerk.