Bosco Delrey – “Space Junky” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

When Diplo’s not producing K-pop stars or working on his own music, he’s signing new acts to his label Mad Decent. New Mad Decent artist Bosco Delrey is another sign of Mad Decent/Diplo’s eclectic tastes. He describes Delrey as “a sort of garbage can Elvis from New Jersey,” but the first single “Space Junky” sounds like strung-out rockabilly over a drum machine mambo beat. His one-sheet says he used an MPC drum machine and vintage synths to record his album at Easley McCain with Doug Easley in Memphis. In fact, “Space Junky” is a pretty accurate name: witness the sunglasses-clad Delrey dancing with a series of pretty and sleepy-looking women in the single’s colorful video:

Bosco Delrey – “Space Junky”

I think that description also applies to Delrey’s collaboration with Brooklyn artist/producer 77Klash. But 77Klash’s verse adds an extra later of weirdness to “Round N Round.”
Bosco Delrey – “Round N Round (Feat. 77Klash)”

Everybody Wah is out in early 2011 via Mad Decent/Downtown.