New Johnathan Rice Video – “We’re All Stuck Out In The Desert” (Plus A Cameo-Filled Press Conference)

He’s just barely turned 24, but Johnathan Rice seems to have some stuff figured out for himself: major label deal, fancy friends, lauds from R.E.M., an IMDB page, a tour with Gibbard and Bazan, and a relationship with Jenny Lewis (by comparison, think we had just about figured out how to log on to Movable Type by that age). And it’s a mix-and-match of all of the above for the video of Johnathan’s roots-pop single “We’re All Stuck In The Desert”; got your major label budget, ample use of acting chops, Rilo Kileyers Blake Sennett and of course Jenny Lewis (in the backing band, driving the runaway car) Faye Runaway (one of the “Moneymaker” porn stars), and Winona Ryder (as a skinny reporter). The Blake and Winona bits are pulled from a faux press conference which features most of the aforementioned folks, and some others we couldn’t put names to (that’s where you guys come in — we’re just good for ID’ing rock stars, porn stars, and Winona Ryders). The conference has Johnathan answering questions regarding the video (which itself uses clips from the conference — the time line’s a bit Pulp Fiction), so for the sake of the narrative find the vid first, press clip next — both after the jump.

“We’re All Stuck Out In The Desert”

Press Conference