New Cassius – “Shame Shame Cherie”

Remember “Feeling For You“? That track was so great — we loved it even after they started playing in the GAP. Since then, the French house maestros in Cassius released second LP Au Rêve, and just last year, its follow up 15 Again. Apparently 15 got hung up in customs while crossing the Atlantic (it’s been almost a year), but the IDM-ic duo plan to pull your purse strings by including sweet little US-only gifts, like the hypnotic, howling house of “Shame Shame Cherie.” At eight-plus minutes, the track takes its time pushing to the dam break, which hits at four-minutes with polyrhythmic fury. Best way to spend your bandwith today.

Cassius – “Shame Shame Cherie” (MP3)

Maye all the goodwill for the Daft Punk robots will lead to a resurgence of interest in some good French IDM? Hope so. 15 Again sees Stateside release this fall via Astralwerks.

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