New José González Video – “Killing For Love”

Something about the trials and tribulations of pigman in the “Down The Line”‘s vid left us unimpressed, but despite that last vid being for a killer song, Andreas Nilsson’s second installment in the Frank-inspired vid series he’s creating for José is much more engaging (and much more NSFW). For the dour “Killing For Love,” Mr. González strikes the same, nearly apathetic pose (fingerpickin’ good y’all, while crazy visuals dance around behind), but, maybe ’cause we already spent four minutes with pigman during “Down The Line,” unexpectedly he’s become a more compelling and sympathetic ungulate. Plus Andreas works in some special visual FX magic that brings a bag of mystique to the thing. Still have absolutely no clue what’s going on plot wise (but that’s probably ’cause we haven’t read Jim Woodring’s Manhog Beyond The Face, upon which this one is based) — but this time around, we don’t mind at all.